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For Financial Advisors Looking to Provide More Value to Their H.E.N.R.Y Clients.

Serve Your Wealthy Clients Better by Offering

More Leverage Without Collateral.

Why do we believe in this strategy? 

Over the last 20+ years, Universal Financial Consultants (UFC) has placed hundreds of premium finance policies in-force and is proud of our 98% persistency rate.


Our conservative designs and meticulous annual review & optimization process have established us as one of the most trusted premium finance vendors in the industry.


We knew there had to be a way to offer this strategy to high earners who either don't yet have the net-worth required for traditional premium financing or for those who are not comfortable with current collateral requirements. 


Our second-to-none design specialists crunched the numbers and came up with a solution. Then we partnered with an A+ industry-leading carrier and only the best banks that will provide competitive rates and fast processing.


If you are an advisor looking to better serve your wealthy clients with a unique leverage strategy with minimized risk, we're confident this is the program for you.


Let us design a sample case for one of your clients who fits the above profile to see exactly the impact this can make on their overall wealth strategy.


Who can qualify? 

Clients with a $1M net-worth (home value included) or $400k in joint annual income...or a combination of both, between the ages of 30-60 in relatively good health.


These reduced requirements open up a whole new playing field for advisors and have unlocked a powerful strategy that was once reserved for individuals with at least a $10M liquid net-worth. 


Exclusive Product of Universal Financial Consultants
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