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Invest Better.
Grow Quicker.

The PremiumLife™ Match program is an opportunity for high earners to access an elite leverage strategy without tying up assets or pledging outside collateral.

Protect Against High Taxes
&Generate Tax-Free Income.

  • Today's top marginal tax rate is 37%

  • Traditional investments could be a ticking tax bomb

  • Access your cash prior to 59 1/2 with NO IRS PENALTY

  • How much should be in your tax-free bucket?

3 Types of Money:



Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds,​ ETF's, REIT's, Managed Accounts

Tax Deferred

401(k), IRA,



Municipal Bonds, Roth IRA,
Life Insurance

Defend Against Volatility
with Protection from Market Downturns

  • Earnings capped or buffered on the upside as a trade-off for downside protection

  • Index credits never lower than 0%

  • Lock your gains in annually

  • Lock in earnings rate at any time with eligible indices

Increase Purchasing Power & Earnings Potential
with a Bank Match

How it works:

  1. Client pays partial premium payments for 4 years


  2. Bank matches initial policy contributions to insurance company and takes over payments years 5-10


  3. Policy value participates in market growth with downside protection & earns interest credits as market goes up


  4. Policy growth potentially satisfies loan

  5. Client collects tax-free annual income & remaining death benefit is transferred to heirs income tax-free

What This Can Look Like
For You.



  • Ages 30 - 60

  • Assumed Health Class of Standard or Better

  • Net-Worth of $1 Million or an annual income of $400,000 (or a combination of both)

How to Apply:

Applying for the PremiumLife™ Match can be done in a few simple steps and can be secured in 90 days or less.

Financial documents will be able to confirm that you meet the net-worth an/or income requirements. But f
irst, check below to see if you may qualify for accelerated medical underwriting to waive the need for a medical exam.

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